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At P+A Projects, our expertise is vast and varied, deep and insightful, and creative and illuminating. Our team of architects, engineers, designers, planners and builders has been tasked with some of the most challenging, ground-breaking, and renowned projects for many of the leading companies in the themed entertainment industry. From theme parks and attractions to hotels and resorts, inside and out, P+A Projects consistently delivers outstanding results field by our team’s passion for design eloquence. 

“Disneyland will never be completed.  It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”

Walt Disney

Architectural Services

We offer full planning & design services from concept to construction.  We have experience in many jurisdictions and with many license holders.  Understanding the details sets us apart from other firms.

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Schematic Design

Schematic design is where we take the concept and transform it into physical drawings, defining the spaces and their relationships.  We will create rough floor plans, elevations, guest flows and some illustrative sketches or renderings.

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Detailed Design

Detailed design is the phase where the schematic design is refined and plans, specifications, details, and creative intent are lock in.  Drawings are fully annotated & dimensioned, colors are determined, and details for structures and their attachment are included.

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Master Planning

We are experienced designers for mixed used, high-rise and hospitality developments.  We understand guest flow and align with industry experts to integrate attractions.

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Facility Design Management

We are responsible for the overall attraction design and seeing it through construction.  Using our knowledge, we guide clients through the process, keeping their best interests in mind.  Our ultimate goal is a smooth handover of the successfully completed attraction.

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3D Modeling

We use 3D modeling software to craft and digitally sculpt the concept designed elements.  A 3D design helps our clients visualize the space, movement, access and point of view.  We use the models to create 2D drawings directly, often reducing time to implement changes as they occur.

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BIM Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a design process where we digitally build in 3D to represent the buildings, utility services, environment, facades, show, and any other characteristics beneficial in the design process.  The BIM team helps solve design and integration issues, before they are physically built.

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Coordinated Services Design

We combine our 3D modeling strengths with our knowledge and understanding of complicated utility services to make an attraction function.  By managing the clash detection process, we collaborate to find design solutions in a 3D model before issues occur on site.  We bridge the gap between the facility and the utilities within the attraction, while helping clients understand and maintain their buildings.

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Value Engineering

Value Engineering is the systematic method we use to improve the value of the building to work with our client’s budget.  We think of innovative ways to maintain the creative intent of the design.  We often collaborate with all stakeholders to gain the best results.

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Professional Engineering

We have a team of experienced structural, civil, electrical, plumbing engineers, and lighting specialists to design show and ride systems within themed attractions.  We are able to provide structural engineering services under multiple regional design codes to include Singapore, ASEAN, China, U.A.E., Europe, United Kingdom, and the U.S.A.

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Feasibility Studies

Often before getting too far along a design idea, we will conduct a Feasibility Study to determine whether it is achievable.  With the cooperation of Professional Engineers, we study the site conditions and evaluate solutions.

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Secondment of Staff

We offer secondment of staff when our clients request to temporarily assign one of our design professionals to join and represent their team.  These staff members will report to our client, but remain employees of P+A Projects.  We work with different jurisdictions to align with their government requirements.

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Fabrication & Installation Drawings

We are skilled in the production of detailed shop drawings for manufacturing and installing show set elements.  Often we model elements in 3D to determine sizes and locations of structures, while integrating special effects, A/V components and ride systems.  We work with our professional engineers to ensure code compliance within multiple jurisdictions.

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