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Hudhufushi Maldives massage room
Hudhufushi Maldives bathroom
Hudhufushi Maldives oceanside guest room
Hudhufushi Maldives lounge area
Hudhufushi Maldives facade
Hudhufushi Maldives lounge area




Republic of Maldives




Under Construction

For days, you travel and a little speck in the ocean magnifies until appears as an island in front of you. Like a mirage. A seemingly uninhabited island, shrouded by dense lush greenery. You disembark, weary from your travels. Your eyes search amidst the wilderness, looking but not knowing what you are searching for. A distant tree sways in the breeze. It draws your gaze to a well-trained sandy path. Leaf like shadows shimmer upon the sand, beckoning to you. You can almost hear them whispering. Drawn into a web of filtered light and rustling leaves, you continue walking. A giant structure encircled by a moat of sand rises before you. Abandoned by humans perhaps, but inhabited by creepers and living greens.